Parution : 03/2024
Editeur : Mare & Martin
ISBN : 978-2-3860-0016-4
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Responsible legal research and innovation

Sous la direction de Emilie Gaillard, Alexandra Aragão

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At a time of a threefold planetary crisis, steering legal research and legal innovation in connection with other sciences seems to be the most effective solution for pushing ahead urgent sustainability transitions. Meta-research studies use interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to promote robust science.

At the EU level, organizational and financial resources have been assembled to back responsible research and innovation. The two latter features form a central concept in scientific research policy in the European Union based on the idea of placing science with
—and for—society through individual or collective research with sustainable development goals. The European Commission has developed a set of indicators for the identification, promotion and monitoring of responsible research and innovation.

But these indicators are not specific to Law as a discipline.

The leading purpose of this book is to develop the field of legal meta-research, providing guidelines for future legal research and legal innovation corresponding to the European vision of ethics, societal engagement, gender equality, open access and science education.

Chaire d'excellence CNRS Normandie pour la paix , 226 pages.  29 €