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Editeur : Brill
ISBN : 978-9-0046-8783-7
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Meaning Making in International Criminal Law

A Normative Account of the Acts that Constitute International Crimes

Ciara Laverty

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This book explores the normative dimensions of the acts that constitute international crimes. The book conceptualises the normative dimensions of these acts as processes of construction and meaning making. Developing a novel methodological approach, it identifies the narratives and discourses that emerge in practice as central for understanding the normative meanings of these acts. Using the crimes of attacks on cultural property, pillage, sexual violence and reproductive violence as case studies, the book offers a historical, conceptual, and discursive analysis of these crimes to develop a dynamic, pluralist and socially constructed account of wrong in international criminal law.



Chapter 1 Theoretical Framework
Chapter 2 Attacks on Cultural Property
Chapter 3 Pillage
Chapter 4 Sexual Violence
Chapter 5 Reproductive Violence
Chapter 6 Conclusion
Appendix 1 Decisions
Appendix 2 Keywords
Appendix 3 Transcripts

Leiden Studies on the Frontiers of International Law , Vol. 12 , 380 pages.  179,35 €