Parution : 03/2024
Editeur : Brill
ISBN : 978-9-0046-9050-9
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General Principles of Law

Natural Rights, Legal Methods and System Principles

Daiga Rezevska

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The book comprises contemporary legal theory pertaining to Democratic States based on the Rule of Law from the perspective of general principles of law. It explains in detail, theoretically and based on the specific case law, the phenomenon of general principles of law – as a source of law and directly applicable legal norms. It is a work of legal theory, legal philosophy, and legal method, but it will also assist scholars and practitioners in the transitional justice field as it shows how this theory of general principles of law has assisted Latvia to move away from the socialist legal tradition.



Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Understanding and Types of General Principles of Law

Chapter 3 The Axiological Meaning of General Principles of Law

Chapter 4 The Functional Effect of General Principles of Law

Nijhoff Law Specials , Vol. 110 , 190 pages.  104,45 €